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Providing Porta Potties & More for the Metropolitan Mixed-Use Community in Naples, Florida

Did you know we can help if you need portable toilets, holding tanks, crane toilets, or half high/elevator toilets in the Naples, Florida area?

Whether you’re building a mixed-use community, constructing a huge resort, planning a wedding, or even promoting a sporting event in Collier County, you’ve got a company you can trust.

We're proud to have been selected for providing portable toilets, holding tanks, crane-life toilets and half high/elevator toilets for this beautiful new mixed-use community, called the Metropolitan Naples, which is being built in Collier County.

Metropolitan Naples will be comprised of three luxury 15-story buildings with entries into the community from both U.S. 41 (just past 5th Avenue South) and Davis Boulevard.

The ground floor of each building will host restaurants and boutique retail shops. Parking is concealed from view within the first few floors of the buildings and convenient valet parking will be provided.

Located atop the vibrant ground floor restaurants and boutique retail will be Class A offices and luxury residences. The community will be active and vibrant and a great place to live, work and play.

In many ways Metropolitan Naples is the continued decades-long progression of the lifestyle and vitality that stretches from the Gulf beaches eastward along 5th Avenue South.

Getting portable sanitation equipment for a wedding is one thing. But when you’ve got a large, high-profile commercial project like the Metropolitan Naples project in Naples, Florida, it’s wise to choose experts in the industry.

That’s where we shine! Jerry, John, and I have over 100 years of combined experience working on big projects like this. Not only does it take a lot of experience, but a lot of insurance (if you only knew…gasp…LOL) and award-winning PSAI Certified Technicians in order to be able to take on a project of this magnitude. Learn more about PSAI Certification here.

We were awarded this project based on our long term working relationship with a regional construction company. JW Craft is known for our expertise in dealing with large commercial, high profile projects. We are who customers trust!


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