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JAG Urban ADA Plus 9 Restroom Trailer Rental

Available in Naples, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, & all of Florida

JAG Urban ADA Plus 9.jpg

Our JAG Urban ADA Plus 9 restroom trailer is perfect for organizers who want to provide an upscale restroom experience for all guests including those in wheel chairs.

It has a unisex ADA compliant stall with 1 toilet and one sink. Its ladies' room has 4 stalls and 2 sinks. Its men's room has 2 stalls, 2 sinks, and 3 urinals.

Jag Urban ADA Plus 9 Floorplan.jpg

JAG Urban ADA Plus 9's features include: heating and air conditioning, stainless steel sinks, waste receptacles, soap dispensers, lights, mirrors, vanities, and paper towel holders.


When fully set up with a ramp, this restroom trailer's dimensions are: 38 feet long, 15 feet wide, and 12.5 feet tall. It requires 3 separate power cords (120v 20 amp each, non GFI) and a standard garden hose hook up.

JAG Urban ADA Plus 9 exterior.jpg
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