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How do you eliminate or minimize the odors & germs in a construction site toilet?

how to keep construction site toilets odor free

Short answer: by ensuring it gets cleaned frequently. During each service we pump out the holding tank and cleanse the inner bowl of the unit. Every restroom gets cleaned and sanitized with soap and water. We also provide a special detergent in the water, which acts not only as a sanitizer but deodorizer as well, to keep your construction site toilet smelling great while reducing exposure to germs.

There are ways of cutting costs but JW Craft refuses to sacrifice our reputation or image. We purchase the best deodorizer on the market to help keep germs and bacteria developing. If you typically receive service once a week, we recommend increasing it to twice a week during the summer months. 

It's vital to make sure our service technicians can access equipment on site.  We suggest knowing your service days and make sure nothing is blocking your porta potties from being serviced.  No one wants to use a toilet that hasn't been serviced.

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