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Secure your Port o Potties in Time for Hurricane Season

Port o potties secured for hurricane season in SWFL

Hurricane season is approaching and unfortunately, living in paradise comes with that price.  I know hurricane season doesn’t start until June but why wait to be prepared?

Not too many folks think about port o potties, showers, sinks etc. until it’s too late. Regardless if you’re a municipality in need of facilities or you’re a general contractor with equipment on your job site(s) in Southwest Florida, they need to be secured prior to a storm making landfall.

If you don’t have a plan in place, get one and we are more than happy to help.

If you have a plan in place, let us be a part of your emergency preparedness meetings.  There are a lot of logistics in the portable sanitation industry that the general public isn’t aware of. 

It’s ok, we get it. Port o potties seem to be the last thing people think of until there isn’t a place to "go" or the image of a port o potty flying in the air, with human waste flying all over the place. YIKES! No one wants that.

Like other equipment rental company (generators, lifts, cranes, etc..) policies, the lessee is responsible not only to secure their job site but they are also responsible for the equipment they have on their job site, port o potties included. It is logistically impossible to pick up every piece of equipment in a short period of time so let us help educate your team how to properly secure portable toilet(s) on your job site. 

Secure port o potties in hurricanes near SW Florida
Hurricane Irma

We have been through quite a few storms. Hurricanes Irma (2017), Wilma (2005), and Charley (2004) were the most devastating and we hope there won't be a need for disaster relief this year. But if so, we'll have sanitation rentals available for emergency response.

Please invite us to be a part of your hurricane plan, you’ll be glad you did. Check out our website for more information and a list of equipment we offer. Thank you for your business. We sincerely appreciate you.


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