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Dealing with a Portable Sink Shortage & Sanitizer Theft

When challenges occur I always try to find the positive hidden within because usually there is some good that comes out of some ‘bad’. Watching the news lately is quite depressing. While avoiding the news is what I want to do, I don’t. I feel it my personal and professional obligation to stay informed.

Personally, finding new ways to hang out and enjoy the family has been a nice change and I don’t believe I am alone here. We went from a very busy schedule multitasking between school, sporting events, and our children’s social calendars to taking walks, watching movies, and playing board games as a family. I have always regretted purchasing my sons’ Xbox and Play Station but now I am happy they have other forms of socializing with their friends even though it’s "virtual".

Professionally, we are blessed we can help our local municipalities, hospitals, and our community. The portable sanitation Industry has always advocated for sinks and/or hand sanitizer to be a part of construction sites and events. Many large general contractors have already implemented these services prior to COVID-19 and most portable toilet companies provide hand sanitizers in their special event toilets as a standard commodity.

While not everyone enjoys the government telling us what to do, making sinks and/or hand sanitizer a requirement for all locations requiring portable toilets may not be a bad idea going forward (this is just my humble opinion).

There is a nationwide shortage of portable sinks due the demand increasing significantly with the current COVID-19 pandemic. Manufacturers can’t make these sinks fast enough but they are certainly doing their best and we appreciate their hard work more than they will ever know.

Should you want to own your own sink(s) for the future (and though you may not be able to get your hands on a sink today), you can get on a waitlist and manufacturers will get them to you as soon as they can. Armal, PolyJohn, and Satellite Industries are three great companies to get in touch with. Don’t be shy, contact them! But I would suggest doing so by the links provided vs a phone call. Their phones are going crazy as I am sure you can understand.

Our sister company, Sanitation Solutions Inc. will have the following in stock:

When a crisis occurs it either brings out the bad or the good in people. The hoarding of toilet paper (all paper products for that matter) and cleaning supplies are two examples. Unfortunately people are also stealing hand sanitizers provided inside portable restrooms nationwide. This puts us and everyone else still able to work at a higher risk. 

Due to the increased demand and now the theft, the sanitizer manufacturing companies are also struggling to get their hands on raw materials to produce sanitizer. The increase of demand usually means an increase of price. As much as I wish everyone could or would read this blog and quit stealing, I know that is highly unlikely.

So… I will make this suggestion that could help until we get a better grip on the current situation. Providing hand sanitizers is a great alternative until sinks become available. I would recommend placing sanitizer dispensers on a stand outside and in plain view of outdoor bathrooms. People are less likely to steal something when it is out in the open vs behind closed doors. Each 1000ml bag of hand sanitizer can accommodate up to 680 uses per bag. Your portable sanitation provider can help you determine how much you need.

Portable sanitation companies that are members of the Portable Sanitation Association International have been meeting via Zoom each week to share experiences and ideas from all over the world and are working together to help with the COVID-19 battle.

Stay safe and as always, thank you for your business.


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Unknown member
Feb 23, 2023

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