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Portable Toilet Service Procedures

Interested in learning more about the steps we take when servicing our units? Review our service procedures:

  1. Pump all waste/grey water from tank(s) using Vacuum wand/hose.

  2. Replace/replenish toilet tissue and hand towels when applicable.

  3. De-scale urinal where appropriate.

  4. Add additional fragrance as needed.

  5. Clean and sanitize interior walls, floor, urinal and seat. Use separate brush for holding tank and urinals. Add fresh deodorizer (blue-food grade bio friendly chemicals) and water to waste holding tank.

  6. Use separate brush to clean and sanitize the hand wash unit. Use separate vacuum hose to remove hand wash water (grey water) from tank.

  7. Replenish hand wash water with fresh non-potable water.

  8. Replenish hand soap and hand sanitizer where applicable.

  9. Check for repairs/damage and report to dispatch.

  10. Communicate on paperwork and GPS to confirm “complete service”. All waste removed from portable outhouses is disposed at municipal sewage treatment facilities.



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