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Portable Shower Rentals

Available in Naples, Ft Myers, Bonita Springs, and all of Florida

Whether you're planning an event or responding to a disaster, giving your fellow man a place to shower will be greatly appreciated. Our shower trailers and single units can be used at fish camps, boat ramps, sporting events, camping grounds, or anywhere else a person needs a shower. They're also popular if you ever decide to remodel your bathroom.

AquaMaxx shower trailer

A great choice for athletic events

JW Craft's portable shower rentals are a popular choice for organizers of outdoor athletic events such as pickleball tournaments, triathlons, mud runs (i.e. Spartan Races, Tactical Titan, Muddy Princess, Tough Mudder, Mud Endeavor, Savage Race, etc.) and more. Few athletes enjoy getting into their cars while drenched in sweat or covered with mud. 

You can alleviate this problem by providing them with portable showers. Sporting event organizers especially love our 8-stall AquaMaxx portable shower trailer rental because of the upscale experience it provides.

8-stall AquaMaxx shower trailer rental

Single portable shower rentals

A humane choice for disaster relief

Irma, Andrew, Charley, Donna, Wilma, and Ivan all agree that it's not "IF" disaster will strike Florida, but "WHEN." And it's not just hurricanes we have to look out for, but flooding, lightning, tornadoes, sinkholes, and wild fires!

When your city is facing another catastrophic storm government agencies, churches, and private citizens can count on JW Craft.


In addition to portable restroom rentals, we would be glad to provide single portable shower rentals for the people you serve.  These showers are a popular choice because they are cost effective and come with optional water heaters.

Single portable shower units.jpg
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