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Portable Internal Sink Rental

Available in Naples, Ft Myers, Bonita Springs, and all of Florida

The "PJN3"

The PJN3 sink is the perfect add-on to any PJN3 (for construction) or PJP3 (for special events) portable toilet. It is installed inside either of these two toilets. Anti-bacterial hand creams and foams are convenient, but they cannot match the sanitary effectiveness of using the hands-free foot operated pump to wash hands with soap and water in the PJN3 Sink. The PJN3 is your convenient, hygienic, heavy-duty option for proper sanitation.

The PJ3 Internal Sink.png


Hygienic hands-free foot operated pump

A convenient option for any market


Heavy-duty one-piece construction


Easy to clean and maintain


Soap and towel dispensers available


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