How do portable shower rentals work?

How do portable shower rentals work?

Great question! They are really simple.

All of our portable shower units are roomy inside, have a shelf for soap, shampoo etc, a hand held shower head,  a hook to hang towel and/or clothes and a fiberglass floor (much better than plastic, trust me!)

All shower units require a standard garden hose. On-demand water heaters are a great add-on and are available upon request.


The on-demand water heater requires power: 30 amp 120 volt and it's own dedicated outlet.

Another option is to rent our portable shower trailer. The Aquamaxx 8 also requires a standard garden hose and three separate 110 volt 30 amp non GFCI power sources. It features 8 shower stalls, 8 sinks, and heated water.